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*GSA Cuba introduces environmental actions in a Primary school

Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez
When the Cuba GSA Captain introduced the environmental approach in the Primary School¨Salvador Gonzalez in Pinar del Río, it was an amazing news.

In fact the 4 grade teacher, Orlando was really needing a student's club to support their natural science lessons. This was perfect.

The GSA Captain talked about the importance of protecting our ecosystem through physical and intellectual activity and showed the kits to monitor the water of the Guamá river as one of the most vulnerable problems around the school.

The next day on Januay 28 honouring the National heroe´s birthday: Jose Marti, our first WWMD Primary School club decided to move to the banks of the Guama river and do the first monitoring. It was really expected the students confirmed the unhealthy state of the river: Turbidity 100JTU, WT: 22°C, OD: 4PPM, .PH: 6

After this watch out, the captain and his followers agreed on keeping an eye on this results, reporting to the people and the local authorities about this terrible danger for vegetal, animal and human life. It is clear that Cuba needs to get updated technologies that the economic situation don´t let it to have, but it is also truth the many people often pour waste and debris to the river.

These latest things are the ones we have to fight as ecowarriors of our present and future.

Written by: Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Tennis Students Join Ecoflag Movement

GSA Cuba=
GSA Cuba
As a result of the environmental crisis that the world suffers at the present time and realising the importance that the environment has to our health of the human beings, especially for future tennis players, a group of students from Hermanos Cruz Primary school in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, decided to contribute with the Ecoflag Movement improve awareness among trainers, teachers, support workers and students. Tennis facilities are an ideal place to develop educational activities that instill dignity, commitment and responsibility to the care of nature and society.

To contribute to the improvement of the environment GSA Cuba advised:
1. To keep the courts clean and litter free.
2. To clean up the green areas surrounding the facilities.
3. Energy--to save electricity by turning off unnecessary lights or equipment.
4. To limit the use of chemical products in the treatment of turf and courts.

Report by Paula Hernandez Alvarez

*Republic of Vanuatu


Reused sporting goods donated by GSA to the Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) "Smile for all the World" project, arrived in the Republic of Vanuatu on 7 July 2008.
The photos shows the goods being handed over to the Tafea Province Education Office, where I am stationed.
My job is to promote a physical education curriculum in Tafea's 60 Primary Schools. This is complicated because many of the teachers are temporary and are transferred around each year. I, myself, travel from school to school by bike.
The Education Minister for the Province is pictured in the far left, and he attended the hand over, after which the equipment was delivered to the schools.

Report by Teruhiro Ura
JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer Program

*Miyazaki Outdoor Adventure

GSA Miyakonojo
GSA Miyakonojo
GSA Miyakonojo
GSA Miyakonojo

Teacher, guardians and pupils of Nagata Primary school in Mimata, Miyazaki prefecture took part in an outdoor forest adventure to learn about the environment.
The Mimata Wood Industries Research Group held an an outdoor forest adventure so that Teacher, guardians and pupils of Nagata Primary school in Mimata, Miyazaki prefecture could learn about the environment.
Mimata Primary has a strong environmental curriculum, so the research group organized to the day’s events to teach them about forestry, wood craft, building and governance. The forest are indispensable for the global environment, for the biodiversity that exists within it and for the industries that rely upon it, and the research group volunteer their time to teaching people about the importance of protecting and nurturing it.

GSA Miyakonojo, Mimata

* Koyo Primary School, Kanagawa

Koyo Primary
Koyo Primary
Koyo Primary

Koyo Primary School in Fujusawa City, Kanagawa prefecture, is throwing its full weight behind the Ecoflag Movement. Raw garbage left over from the Shonan International Marathon 2007 was turned into fertilizer by a local company, Yamatake KK and donated to the school.
Local GSA Teams, GSA Latchen Dori and GSA Shonan Fujisawa, were also at the marathon to help with clean up activities
Koyo Primary has been involved in GSA’s tennis ball reuse program, receiving 1,100 tennis balls from local Ebara Shonan Sports Center, and they also keep an Ecoflag to fly on sports day.

* Higashi Fukasawa Primary

Higashi Fukusawa Primary
Higashi Fukusawa Primary

An Ecoflag ceremony was held at Higashi Fukasawa Primary school in Setagaya ward, Tokyo on 12 March. The school is undergoing renovation from April, and in the temporary facilities they’ve been putting used tennis balls on the tables and chairs. GSA Executive Director Tatsuo Okada was at the ceremony to explain the value of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ activities and the importance of protecting the natural environment.)

* Sanko Primary Environmental Event

Sanko Primary
Sanko Primary
Sanko Primary

A weeklong open environmental lecture and ‘Vital Messages’ exhibition was held at Sanko Primary School in Minato ward, Tokyo from 23 October. 120 students were involved in the event that involved messages from top athletes on the importance of protecting the natural environment.
Students were asked to start by looking at their local environment and through cleaning up their local area, they begin to link ‘awareness’ and ‘action’.

* Tsukushino Primary School

Tsukushimo Primary
Tsukushimo Primary
Tsukushimo Primary

GSA Executive Director Tatsuo Okada was at morning assembly to talk about the Ecoflag Movement on 16 October 2006. The school has been involved in putting used tennis balls on the bottom of desks and chairs as part of a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ initiative, and the School Principal, Mr. Tamura, wanted to drive home the importance of protecting the natural environment.
A ‘Vital Messages’ exhibition (environmental messages form top athletes) was also held on 31 October 2006.

*GSA Executive Director Visits Fukaura Schools

Sunset Coast
Sunset Coast
Sunset Coast
Sunset Coast
Sunset Coast

GSA Executive Director, Tatsuo Okada was in Fukaura, Aomori prefecture on 10-11 October, to visit Iwasaki Primary School and Fukaura Primary School respectively, and pass along a message about tackling environmental problems. The visit was arranged by local team, GSA Yuhi Kaigan (Sunset Coast), whose members sit on the local education committee.

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