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*Doing our best to save the water in San Juan

Most of people think that living in a developing country is reason enough to have polluted water in the rivers near any town, caused by a precarious septic system.

One imagines that the local rivers are polluted, full of mosquitoes and foul smelling.

But everything is not lost and there are individuals who still bet on awareness and environmental literacy. Monitoring the water and showing it is not ok can be a beginning to correcting some of the mistakes made. The Cuba GSA team and its collaborators in San Juan y Martinez give us a good example that monitoring water and preparing the new generation to save the water can minimize the adversity of being a developing country and to fight with the best weapons: humbleness and love for nature.

Written by MSc. Luis Enrique Perez Jassen
MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*Ecological measuring receiver for baseball in Cuba GSA

A very convertible and easy-to-handle device has been invented and put at the service of the sport facilities in Consolacion del Sur, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. It is often used to receive balls thrown by a baseball pitcher and at the same time measures the effectiveness of the throw. One of the best things about this useful apparatus is that can be built by taking spare wheels of a plowing machine, reused pieces of nets and other recycling materials.

Any interested sport promoter in this topic could find a model of devices like this, just contacting the Cuba GSA team who has dealt a lot with the environmental approach of the Local Sport goods industry in the province and in the country.

Written by BCh. Bejerano Santos and MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Watching our river is watching our life

1 April 2012--This is not just a cliche- water makes up 70 % of our body, just as the Earth surface. It is not only a coincidence. Life started first in the waters. It is water what makes organisms grow healthy. However, we do not always act in a way that respects the importance water plays in our lives.

The Cuba GSA team is one group that aims to promote environmental awareness Accordingly they are monitoring the water of Guam river, the water body that surrounds the main sports fields of Pinar del Rio. The GSA team is really taking care of the river health resulting in them recognized as Water Champions.

Despite the monitoring the results were not so favorable ( ph 8, DO: 0ppm, and turbidity: 40 JTU) but we will work harder with our captain Fernando and all our sport network in Cuba. Written by: BCh. Ana Delia Martinez Bravo, MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*Niceto Perez Community

Niceto Perez Community?
Niceto Perez Community?
Niceto Perez Community?
The Ecoflag is a starring symbol in the plan of physical-recreation activities in the "Niceto Perez Community", San Cristobal, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Local sport promoters are planning activities for young people in the community and in the process are reusing/ recycling materials for basketball, chess parts and other equipment. With these activities the state not only saves moneys, but extends the useful life of the equipment.

This mountainous community hopes also to receive donations of sports equipment as the desire to enjoy sport exceeds the equipment they have.

Report by MSc. Teresa Lomba Mora
MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*Successful II National Workshop on Environment and Sports in Havana, Cuba

Sport and env conf
 Sport and env conf
 Sport and env conf
Our Cuba GSA was invited to participate in II National Workshop on Environment and Sports in Havana, Cuba on last June 3-5.There we had the opportunity to share our experiences with our colleages throughout the country.In the first morning we were called to an ecological race around a park neraby the host institution.

In this workshop we presented the Cuba GSA multimedia showing our advances on environment and sports as part of a conference. We also had the possibility to see Osmel, the rap musician of ¨Cubanos en la Red¨ band who is composing lately some green raps on behalf of our ecological cause.

In the last moments of our meeting we planted a palm tree celebrating that important encounter of all sustainable sport promoters and we constituted the national network of sports and evironment where the Cuba GSA has an oustanding role.

In the photo appears, Osmel, MSc Santiago le? (the coordinator of the Workshop), also our vice coordinator and our Cuba GSA Captain. Now on, the Network is working hard to prepare the next International Workshop where the Cuba GSA team is supposed to welcome several GSA Captains and other influencing environmentalist professionals.

Report by MSc. Alyagna Alonso Herrera.
MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente.

*Environmental problems workouts through GSA in San Juan y Martinez

 San Juan y Martinez
 San Juan y Martinez
 San Juan y Martinez
San Juan y Martinez is a municipality located 25 km from the capital city of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. One of the most relevant environmental problems in the region is the handling of fertilizers and other chemicals in order to harvest its main crop, tobacco, one of the best in the world.

Due to economic restrictions Cuba has had to import many products in the world not so green as the land requires in our contemporary times, that's why agriculture is strongly affected and as everything belongs to an ecosystem, the waters, the soil , the air and the human lives are also implied in this unfavorable managements. However, our Cuba GSA team through its sport promoters wanted to do something about it and broke the ice developing activities in which young people between 15-18 years old can practice sports in a healthy environment .

These activities carried out in the neighbourhood named "Hermanos Saiz", specifically around the sport facility: "Combinado 5" are not only designed to give another choice to youngsters in how they spend their free time, they are also a chance to take actions like clean ups, chats, reforesting, visits to some farms to monitor the rational usage of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Concluding, these activities are not enough but they can become a potential to fight for a good cause, our existence

Authors: BCh Carlos Alberto Perez Jassen
MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*The Ecoflag and the Physical Activities take to the streets of San Juan y Martinez

 San Juan y Martinez
 San Juan y Martinez
 San Juan y Martinez
GSA Cuba's activities has expanded throughout Pinar del Rio and other parts of Cuba, not only because of the novelty of the project and the interesting strategies used by the team, but also because of the necessity of carrying out global activities that combine sports, moral values, physical activity and sustainability.

San Juan y Martinez has become another province playing a leading role in developing the Ecoflag Movement. They didn't wait for the official Ecoflag from Japan but created Ecoflags on their own. After Bahia Honda, it is the second municipality making Ecoflags using their own resources.

Among the? activities developed by our collaborators there: ecological games, children races?along the streets of the town (with authority support), excursions into nature, chats, sanitation and garbage classifying activities.

Report by BCh. Luis Enrique Perez Jassen
MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*IV Latin American Meeting of Popular Environmental Educators

 Environmental Educators
 Environmental Educators
The IV Latin American Meeting of Popular Environmental Educators took place last November 30 to December 3 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Many environmental educators came from many countries across the Americas to exchange ideas and to establish consent on Environmental practices.

GSA Cuba's team captain raised his voice in favor of our unity to save the planet by using sports as an effective vehicle and common language, and plans to share the knowledge he gained with the GSA community.

Report by The Cuba GSA Captain.

*III Local Forum of the Sports Good Industry

 III Local Forum of the Sports Good Industry
 III Local Forum of the Sports Good Industry
 III Local Forum of the Sports Good Industry
The III Local Forum of the Sports Good Industry was celebrated last June 2010 in Havana City, Cuba. Not many people?know about this event and its contribution to the sustainability of sports so the Cuban GSA Team want to share this event with the GSA community.

The use of naturally made sports gear is central to this effort but indispensible to that objective is taking into account the importance of the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) and as wood is one of the common materials used, we must include the fourth R--reforestation.

In this photo appear the winning team of the fair, The Pinar del Rio stand. Among all the competitors you can find Claudio Roba Lazo, the producer of his winning bat and baseball mitt. The team members also produce badminton rackets, baseball handwear, gymnastic implements and others. You can also see Pedro Virgil, the Pinar del Rio, team manager with his Diploma, and on the other side, the ever present Ecoflag.

Report by MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Boxers hit grass around the gym.

Boxers hit grass around the gym
Boxers hit grass around the gym
Boxers hit grass around the gym
Sportspeople are good candidates as environmental protectors. They are disciplined, taught to exhibit sportsmanship, and have a vested interest in keeping the environment they train in clean.

After attending a GSA workshop, boxing trainers at the Boxing Academy in Pinar del Rio have committed to cleaning up the area in and around the gym for both health and environmental reasons.

Report: BCh. Raul Leon Rodriguez and the Cuba GSA Captain

*Santiago de Cuba shows samples of Sustainability

Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba, a wonderful province located in the eastern part of Cuba, has many important historical, cultural and geographical places. The Ecoflag movement took a long time to reach that territory due to its distance from GSA Cuba's base in Pinar del Rio.

Our first contact was at the III National Forum of the Local Sports Goods in Havana, where they were motivated to preserve the ecosystem through sports and physical activity.

In the pictures appear: BCh: Raul Tejera Scull, BCh Manuel Rodriguez Gil and other colleagues? showing their table tennis support and the field hockey goal keeper suit made using recycled materials.

Reported by MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Cleaning Up Rivers

GSA Cuba
Whether you live in the city or countryside, rivers play an important role in most people's lives, whether we recognize that or not. Many, sadly, are polluted--a deposit for garbage and human waste.

After a workshop by GSA Cuba some locals decided to do something to clean up this river in the heart of Bahia Honda, about 100kms from the Sports University, and similar awareness raising is important in developing similar activities worldwide.

Report by BCh. Carlos Manuel Sanz Amador, BCh. Yaura Cordero Cordova and MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Man and the Environment

San Juan y Martinez
San Juan y Martinez
Environmental problems top many agenda, be it related to political institutions, businesses or social projects, but there is a lot we can also do on the individual level. GSA Cuba has been working with sports promoters in San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Rio, Cuba to educate them on the connection between physical activity, health and a healthy environment.

In these photos we see community members suffering from high blood pressure enjoying healthy exercise and the natural environment.

Reported by BCh Miguel Rodriguez Rodriguez, BCh Olga Lidia Palacios Martinez and the Cuba GSA captain

*Eco-rustic All- in- one Ruler in Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Ciego de Avila, Cuba
Ciego de Avila, Cuba
To measure an athlete's physical fitness and capabilities is a basic need for a sport or training institution and a number of instruments are necessary for this. The Cuban GSA team has been focused on promoting an eco-rustic "all-in-one ruler" to measure longitude, flexibility and elasticity levels, jumps , size, and other dimensions using raw materials such as discarded pieces of wood, screws, nails, steel and pieces of chalk.

In the photo you can see the device made by MSc. Clemente Anibal Lorenzo Martinez in the province of Ciego of Avila, one area taking action as part of GAS Cuba's nationwide strategy.

Report by MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*Sheep-skin Gloves in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos, Cuba
Cienfuegos, Cuba
Part of GSA Cuba's strategy is the promotion of the Ecoflag, not only in its home base of Pinar del Rio, but across the other provinces of Cuba.

Cienfuegos is placed in the central part of Cuba and is highly recognized for its systematic contribution to social development.

An example of its creativity is the manufacturing of sheep-skin gloves, called Arimao that are used in playing baseball. These gloves utilise natural materials and are very useful as a substitute for industrially manufactured ones that are hard to get in Cuba.

In the photo is the manufacturer: Jorge de la Rosa Ramirez and his co-workers. The team also produce other eco-articles, such as pads to practice Taekwondo

Report by MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Operation Clean Up the Stadium

GSA Douala
GSA Douala
GSA Douala
GSA Douala
Please find below some pictures on a "Operation Clean Up the Stadium " we have done here in Douala during the World Environment day at BASE ELF; note that the operation has been organized by a well know French Petrolium Company named TOTAL, in par‚”nership with more than 5 environmental associations like GSA Douala , Sukyo Mahikari ,APTDD BAPESU , Mieux Vivre and others. Note also that the activities on the field were coordinated by Ms Oum Veronique of Sukyo Mahikari.

GSA Douala Team Captain, Jean Philippe Kono Amougou

*Ecoflag Movement promoted through Provincial Cuban Media

GSA Cuba
One of GSA Cuba's goals is to promote the project among many volunteers, sports promoters and citizens to preserve our ecosystem.

On May 26, 2010 GSA Cuba's Team Captain was interviewed by "TelePinar", the local television station. The report dealt with the achievements and impacts of the GSA project in the World and in Cuba. A more extensive interview was also held with Guama Radio, a local radio station and the report will be transmitted on 30 May at 3:00 pm

Report by MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuentes

*GSA Cuba Helps Restore Community Sports Field

GSA Cuba
GSA Cuba
GSA Cuba
This report deals with GSA Team member activities in the community of San Vicente in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. The River Guama, which flows very near the neighbourhood, is highly contaminated and the volunteers used sport as a means of forming a work group to tackle to problem.

GSA Cuba brought together children, teenagers and adults to ensure a sound and safe sports field. Places like this have been improving since the establishment of the GSA Cuba Team in 2006.

Report by BCh.Roberto?Duarte Lopez, MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*Old Office Turned New Sport Department

GSA Cuba
GSA Cuba
An old dusty office in the Pinar del Rio Boxing Academy used to store disused and broken equipment did little for the academy except cause allergies and other health problems.

That is until some of the trainers, attending courses at the Sports University, crossed paths with GSA Cuba's team captain and learned about how they could protect the environment and the health of their athletes.

Lic. Pedro Nieves Valdes Mendez took on the task of separating and disposing/ recycling the rubber, metals, plastics, paper, glass and others items. It was a simple exercise but has generated interest among the coaches and athletes in "thinking environment!"

Report by: Lic. Pedro Nieves Valdes Mendez
Advisor: MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*Ecoflag contributes to the improvement of the sport facilities in Bahia Honda, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

GSA Cuba
GSA Cuba
The municipality of Bahia Honda is located in the westernmost part of Pinar del Rio. The are has several sport facilities, one of the most outstanding being the baseball stadium in the heart of the town. The area around the stadium is often littered with discarded soda cans, cardboard and plastic bags that pollute the area and nearby sea, and one neighbourhood to the south of the stadium is struggling with air pollution issues.

GSA Cuba, based at the Pinar del Rio Sports university, carried out an analysis of the area to measure the health impact and put forward to following actions:
To promote awareness through local education centers
To further research local environmental impacts
Introduce reforestation and clean up projects
To create environmental murals in the sports facility
To create fan clubs in schools and other volunteer groups that will take environmental action

Author: Lic. Niurka Puentes Quinones, Lic. Sergio Rodriguez Gutierrez.
Advisor: MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuentes

*GSA Cuba Joins National GUANICIENCIA Workshop

GSA Cuba
GSA Cuba
On February 19-20, GSA Cuba moved to Guane, Pinar del Rio, as part of an invitation to a National environmental Workshop. Guane is a very rich territory in terms of nature and sustainability and GSA's visit was quite fruitful in teaching local inhabitants and participants from diverse provinces of the country about our international project.

It is the first time that our Ecoflag flew in front of so many people, and at the event the team explained the project focusing on local sport promoters, and covering areas such as martial arts teach in rural places (Bolondron City), the keeping of sports facilities in remote areas, the building of recreational facilities and equipment usin renewable products and other ecological initiatives. Professor Raybel Garcia Prieto was also given an award for his great work as a sport facility keeper, as well as the instructor of Musical Aerobic Gymnastics.

The team also checked the water quality as part of the WWMD program.

*Konosu Sports and Environment Field Trip

GSA Musashimo
GSA Musashimo
GSA Musashimo
GSA Musashimo
We held a sports and environment field trip on 31 January 2010 with the goal of teaching young future national team hopefuls about fair play and Ecoplay.
107 primary school kids and 45 adults took part, including GSA World Center staff and GSA Navigator, Otty.

Shinya Kaneko, GSA Musashimo

*GSA Cuba Preserving the Famous Vinales Environment

Ecoflag in Cuba
Ecoflag in Cuba
Ecoflag in Cuba
The National Vinales Park is located in Pinar del Rio, the Westernmost province of Cuba and was declared a cultural Heritage site by UNESCO on 23 October 1971. Due to the influences of climatic change and some other environmental problems this area has been gradually affected. This natural reserve faced two strong hurricanes three years ago and has constantly suffered man's aggression caused by a lack of knowledge, mainly in the name of tourism.

Tourism in Cuba is one of the most important branches of the economy but neglectful management has caused problems in Vinales, and the traditional tobacco has also fallen due to the water scarcity in the valleys where the plant traditionally grew healthily in the past.

GSA Cuba has been working with local sports promoters in the region to try and change people's mind in order to save and protect the valley. These actions include:
- Workshops to educate people to preserve the Vinales environment.
- Ecological games to teach youngsters about conservation.
- Working with tourist entities to control their environmental impact.
- Promoting the creation of pits and artificial ponds to favour tobacco plantations.
Many of these measures are being carried out at present; some others are still waiting for sponsors.

Report by Lic. Yakelin Rodriguez Cueto
MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Leonel Abrahantes Community Teens Join Ecoflag Movement

Ecoflag in Cuba
Ecoflag in Cuba
The care and protection of the environment is a priority for the Leonel Abrahantes community located in San Juan and Martinez, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Teens in the area are involved in sports and through their activities have become in activities that raise awareness and protect the environment.

Among the environmental activities supported by the Ecoflag Movement are:

-Cleaning and organization of different areas of waste disposal.
-Environmental awareness about the damage of chemical products (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides)
-Fixing water leaks in laundries, dry-cleaners and other enterprises.
-Conducting debates about excessive deforestation, fishing and hunting.
-They also carry out workshops with the Cuba GSA specialists so that they explain the teenagers the necessity of using biological controllers.

This work is a result of some Physical Education teachers willing to support this group of adolescents in Pinar del Rio and spread awareness on community care and conservation.

Report by: Lic. Emilio Gonzalez Gonzalez, MsC. Yudelquis Martinez Leon and Lic. Belkis Martinez Leon
Advisor: MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*GSA Cuba Offers Environmental Contribution at Asphalt Factory

Ecoflag in Cuba
Ecoflag in Cuba
23 October 2009--Sport promoter Lic. Humberto Perez Martinez, member of the GSA Cuba team went to an asphalt factory in Consolacion del Sur with his Physical Education students from the Otto Perellada Primary School, to teach the children the environmental damage that can be caused by toxic waste at a factory and to exchange ideas with the workers, explaining GSA's International project of Environment and Sports.

Environmental actions at the plant have contributed to improving conditions at the factory. They include:

- Implementing ISO14001 standards for cleaner production.
- Reducing environmental contamination in the factory and surroundings
- Reducing air pollution.
- Guaranteeing sanitary and hygienic conditions at workstations.
- Increasing the environmental education of the workers.
- Eliminating inadequate handling of solid waste.
?- Adapting an area inside the factory for solid waste.
- Guaranteeing health and safety of individual workers.

Report by Lic. Humberto Perez Martinez, Lic. Livan Acosta Cano

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