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*Magic Golf

NGF Pro Instructors Association
More than 500 juniors have taken part since we started last August. The picture is from a golf camp we held in Miyazaki at the beginning of the year, which included a competition for junior golfers from the Kanto and Miyazaki region in Japan, as well as Korea.

We used a translator to explain to the Korean golfers about the Ecoflag, and we flew the flag again yesterday at another competition sponsored by the Magic Team. Even though it was a competition, everyone was careful to respect nature and repair divots as they went along.

Report by Yumi Yoshioka
Magic Golf

*NGF Pro Instructors Association

NGF Pro Instructors Association
The 11th Charity Golf Festival took place at the Kansai Classic Golf Club on 16 October 2008, sponsored by the NGF Pro Instructors Association.

Ecoflags were to be found at the club reception, on the course and at the award ceremony. GSA Executive Director, Tatsuo Okada, was at the ceremony and spoke about the Ecoflag Movement. Donations were collcted from the 260 participants, which will go towards support GSA's activities.

*Brook Cleanup in the Hudson Highlands, New York

GSA Iejima
GSA Iejima
GSA Iejima
GSA Iejima

On 10 May 2008, GSA New York joined a federation of environmental activists in celebrating American Wetlands Month by conducting a challenging and thorough cleanup of Canterbury Brook in the Hudson Highlands of New York State.
GSA-NY teamed up with the superintendent and staff from the Storm King Golf Club, whose western boundary is defined by the Canterbury Brook.
This cleanup effort, officially registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, also included representatives from the Cornwall Conservation Advisory Council, the Black Rock Forest Consortium, the Boy Scouts, and the Cornwall High School Environment Club who tackled the upland forest section.
The golf club provided essential equipment and manpower for this important cleanup effort in recognition of Wetlands Month and as an affirmation of the club's commitment to environmental stewardship in the ecologically rich Highlands Region.
This diverse cleanup team removed truckloads of debris - ranging from 21st century plastic bottles to 18th century iron farm implements - from this picturesque mountain brook.

EPA Report
Hudson Highlands

*Hibiscus Cup (GSA Iejima)

GSA Iejima
GSA Iejima
The Ecoflag was flying at the starting pole of the Hibiscus Cup (2nd National Primary and JHS Golf Iejima Tournament) on 26 December.
153 kids took part in the event and GSA Iejima's Team Captain was at the event to hand out the Sport and Environment Handbook and explain the role the Ecoflag plays in promoting environmental awareness and action through sport.

*5th M. Club Tournament

5th M. Club Tournament

The Ecoflag was flying at the 5th M. Club Tournament on 16 April at the Oyama Ark Country Club. At the presentation ceremony there was an explanation of the Ecoflag Movement alongside and a call for each of us to‘ do what we can, at work and in our everyday lives, to create a society where our future generations will be able to enjoy sport.’ It was a fun outing, where individual score were secondary to having fun.

*22nd Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel Ground Golf Tournament

22nd Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel Ground Golf Tournament

29-30 November 2005. 250 people in 48 teams took part in the event and this photo was taken with the team members that were staying over at the hotel.

Ground golf is lots of fun and helps us really enjoy our lives.

*4th Charity Golf Contest

4th Charity Golf Contest

Protecting the environment and the importance of clean air in being able to enjoy golf were some of the topic discussed during this 4th charity golf tournament. Money ollected at the event was donated to the Tottori Disabled Sports Association.

*3rd M.Club Spring Charity Golf Tournament

3rd M.Club Spring Charity Golf Tournament
The 3rd M.Club Spring Charity Golf Tournament took place on 10 April. We flew the Ecoflag and made a declaration at the award ceremony to do what we can to protect the natural environment. Donations were collected to help the earthquake-affected families in Fukuoka prefecture, and in the future we will continue to fly the Ecoflag at events.

*Fine Four Junior Golf Camp - Green Academy Country Club in Fukushima

ecoflag in classroom
jointing soil
children's recycled paper
Continuing from the Golf Camp held at the end of March, this Junior Golf Camp took place from 2-4 May.
The Ecoflag was featured again at the camps along with environmental education with discussions on paper use and recycling. The children made their own recycled paper, which they turned into mother's day cards.

*Sony Open 2004

The Ecoflag was flying at the Sony Open 2004 held at the Waialae Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii. The photo is taken from the green on the 16th hole on the final day of the tournament (18 January). ‘Vital Message’, a book of environmental messages from top athletes in various fields of sport, was also handed out to PGA staff.

*Japan Golf Tour Championships, Shishido Hills Cup (Sponsored by Mori Building)

The Japan Golf Tour Championships, Shishido Hills Cup at the Shishido Hills Country Club in Ibaraki prefecture (3-4 July) is sponsored by Mori Building, also a corporate sponsor of GSA. The course is surrounded by hundreds of beautiful trees and they're supporting the environment by flying the Ecoflag and collecting donations.

*Golf - GSA Staff, Retsu Inoue

We're working to promote golf courses that use alternative measures to pesticides and other chemicals.

*Field nets (3/7)


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