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*Environmental Action through Judo

 Environmental Action through Judo
 Environmental Action through Judo
Man and nature play a part in the traditions of this Japan-born sport and it offers the potential to play a part in protecting this increasingly polluted world.

Of course not all the athletes and trainers?perceive the advantages of Judo to carry out environmental activities and so GSA Cuba and friends like Katiuska Padron put into practice a group of actions to solve the difficulties concerning the ecosystem surrounding their Judo facility. Among these activities are found: Chats, Knowledge contest regarding the topic, sanitation activities, re-using and repairing of sport uniforms, development of power saving measures and others.

Report by BCh. Katiuska Padron Valido, MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente.

*Play EcoChess

Chess is the science sport and as science, there should be rules or recommendations to make it a sustainable science. The staff of Chess department in Minas de Matahambres, Pinar del Rio, talked with GSA Cuba about a strategy to promote environmental education in their area.

Many actions are included in that strategy inclusing awareness raising, clean ups, tree planting and making chess pieces from sstainable materials. The Ecoflag as usual takes a starring role in that mission.

Report from BCh Yoel Garrido Martinez BCh Dobay Carmona Moreno and the Cuba GSA captain

*Eco Sport Cars for Kids

 Eco Sport Cars for Kids
 Eco Sport Cars for Kids
The group of local sports goods manufacturers in Havana, Cuba gathered from June 27-29 to show their inventions in order to give sports and recreation sustainable means to contribute to the quality of life of the Cuban inhabitants. One of these inventions was a fun park electric car ride, as a non-polluting alternative. The car was constructed by Sergio Perez Gonzalez from La Palma for a badic cost of 250 USD.

*Martial Arts in Nigeria

 Martial Arts in Nigeria
 Martial Arts in Nigeria
 Martial Arts in Nigeria
 Martial Arts in Nigeria
The Ecoflag was present at the National Taekwondo Black Belt College (NTBBC) of Nigeria's committee inauguration and "TRAINING WITH THE PIONEERS SERIES." This event was hosted by Lagos state Sports Commission's Taekwondo Association led by President Jimmy Okunowo.

On the 19th June, various activities were witnessed which included talk on sports environment, hazards caused by bad environmental attitude and the benefit of proper compliance to simple rules.

Shihan Micklem Emechete-Attoh, a pioneer Taekwondo player, President of Nigerian karate Association (NKA) and an Ecoplayer took the Ecoplay message to the event.

Host presenters and Teakwondo Pioneers/Players who graced the grand occasion were Grand masters Dominic Bassey, Koffi Anani and Master Goerge Akin. Also present were the Vice-president of NTBBC for North West and North east in the persons of Saad A. Adams and Ahmad M. Umar.

The President of NTBBC, Master George Ashiru was also fully involved with the Lectures and training.

The various State officers present promised to carry the Ecoflag message and activities to their State of abode as soon as they can.

*Ecoflag Flies at Minas de Matahambres Basketball

 GSA Cuba
 GSA Cuba
Our GSA project is taking root in Mianas de Matahambes, nearly 70 Kms from the capital city. These junior Basketball Champions join the Ecoflag movement and the GSA Cuba team to protect the environment surrounding the sport facility.

There are many actions that can be done through sports and Yuelxy and Ruben, two active collaborators, develop with the athletes a schedule of activities to improve the environmental conditions of sport practice, among them: recycling and cleaning activities accompanied by chats leading people to comprehend the importance of taking care of the ecosystem.

Author: Yulexy Calzada Moreno, Ruben Andres Castro Veraagara

*GSA Cuba develops methodological workshops to reinforce environmental approach

 GSA Cuba
 GSA Cuba
GSA Cuba is not only dedicated to carrying out outdoor environmental activities, but also to the environmental growth of athletes and sport promoters. The team proposed to the Sports Science Department in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, a set of methodological directions for the evaluation of the athlete that includes their relationship and impact on the environment.

Msc; Juan Ramon Martinez Pelegrin
MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*Improving Environmental Conditions

 GSA Cuba
 GSA Cuba
 GSA Cuba
Some years have passed since the Cuban GSA Team developed a local strategy to improve environmental conditions through sports. It hasn't been an easy task. Some have doubted the proposal but we don't have time to hesitate. Our environment needs to be protected and our actions need to change.

The boxing gym on the Road to Guama in Pinar del Rio, Cuba is situated far from the city and therefore hard for athletes to get to due to the transport scarcity caused by economical restrictions.

Notwithstanding, these enthusiast athletes, led by their trainers Jorge Luis and Raul, do their best to be on time to the trainings and after the GSA workshops developed in the Sport University, these trainers have gained more in terms of environmental awareness. Now they have decided to try and improve local environmental conditions through clean ups, as well as providing better hygienic conditions for the athletes.

Report by: Lic. Jorge Luis Valdes Rodriguez, Lic. Raul Leon Rodriguez, MSc. Fernando E. Valladares Fuente

*The Ecoflag in Pinar del Rio Boxing

Pinar del Rio Boxing
Sport training and boxing in particular is not exempt to environmental contamination, and we need to care for the health and athletic competence of future generations of boxers and ensure they are able to train a clean and sound environment.

Sport contributes to the health of young people in our society and an important part of this is to ensure a clean and healthy environment for them to practice and perform in.

Teachers and trainers play a key role: At the First Category Provincial Boxing Academy in Pinar del Rio, GSA Cuba has been promoting environmental awareness among trainers, support workers and athletes about the Ecoflag movement.

In addition to providing environmental education at the boxing facilities, a number of actions are proposed, including:
- Fixing water leaks in laundries, bathrooms and other services.
- Keeping the gym clean and well lit.
- Greening the surrounding area
- Limiting the use of chemical products (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) in the treatment of local grass.
-Preserving energy by turning off lights when not in use.
- Ensuring suitable ventilation.

Finally, it is important to instil in the athletes and local population, the importance of protecting the natural environment for the future of mankind.

Report by: Lic Jesus Alberto Salabarria, MSc. Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente

*National Capoeira Tournament in Hamamatsu

 National Capoeira Tournament
 National Capoeira Tournament
 National Capoeira Tournament
 National Capoeira Tournament
 National Capoeira Tournament
January 2010--A National competition of the traditional Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, took place on 29 November at the Hamamatsu City Exhibition Pavilion.

The GSA Hamamatsu Team Captain is the Japan-Brazil Association Vice-Chariman and 200 Brazilian and Japanese athletes from 25 associations across Japan took part in the event.

*1st Hamamatsu Junior Karate Championship

Hamamatsu Junior Karate Championship
The 1st Hamamatsu Junior Karate Championship was held on 8 November 2009 with the purpose of promoting health minds and bodies among young people, as well as international exchange.

Kids from 9 dojos in Shizuoka and Aichi prefectures took part and the theme of the event was "Dreams and Wishes" with kids putting up their wishes and photos on panels in the event space.

In addition to the competition, demonstrations of acrobatics and kicks were seen, as well as a demonstration of Capoeira, the Brazilian dance/ martial art.

Report by GSA Hamamatsu Team Captain, Tetsuyoshi Kodama

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