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*6th AQUA Cup

 6th AQUA Cup  6th AQUA Cup
Onjuku Beach is AQUA's home beach and host to the All Japan Lifesaving Championships.

Lots of people turned out to see the AQUA Cup as well as have their first experience of beach volleyball and we hope that the event will encourage more people to take up the sport.

AQUA blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/onjuku_aqua/

9th SSC Volleyball Tournament

GSA Dakar GSA Dakar GSA Dakar
GSA Dakar GSA Daka GSA Daka
The Sportif FAYDA Sports Centre, in collaboration with Fayda Team Volleyball SSC, hosted the 9th SSC Volleyball Tournament on Sunday, August 8, 2010, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the City SSC South Fair. The tournament was attended by all Dakar's volleyball teams, in addition to those of Mbour and Thies.

There were 650 participants. All classes were represented (Minors, Cadet, Junior, Hope, senior and veterans). The theme of the event was "Volleyball's respect for the environment."

Beach volleyball in Dakar (Senegal)

GSA Dakar GSA Dakar GSA Dakar
GSA Dakar GSA Daka
The school holidays are a time to gather on the beaches of Dakar.

Its a great place to escape the heat, but with no formal activities planned, most go swimming, which leads to some unfortunate deaths-a concern for parent and local authorities.

Addressing this concern, Sports Fayda and GSA-Dakar, in collaboration with the League of Volleybal,l hosted an entertainment program of beach volleyball and awareness education (Terrou BI BCEAO YOFF, Goree) during the month of July and August 2010 with the following objectives: - Contribute to the fight against drowning
- Contribute to the protection of the environment and clean beaches.
- Love the practice of Beach Volleyball

*Ecoflag Flies at TUBE Event

 Ecoflag Flies at TUBE Event  Ecoflag Flies at TUBE Event
 Ecoflag Flies at TUBE Event
SEASIDE TUBE TOWN's next tour stop was Fukuoka on 5 June 2010. Organizer, Nobuteru Maeda, from the band TUBE, is a GSA Navigator, and in addition to beach volleyball workshops, the Ecoflag is flown at the events in conjunction with beach clean ups. Pro beach volleyball players and GSA Navigastors, Kazuyuki Takao and Koichi Nishimura also took part in the beach volleyball workshop.

Future events will be held in Aichi (12 June), Osaka (19 June) and Hokkaido (26 June).

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