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Celebrity supporters

*Isao Aoki, Teramasu Hino "Fields the Legend" Charity Pro-Am

 Isao Aoki  Isao Aoki  Isao Aoki
The Ecoflag was flying at the Isao Aoki, Teramasu Hino "Fields the Legend" Charity Pro-Am Tournament on 16-17 May 2009. The weather wasn't so good, but 2031 people showed up on 16th and 1856 on 17th to enjoy the event.

*Fellows Spring Event (Shigeyuki Nishio)

Shigeyuki Nishio Shigeyuki Nishio Shigeyuki Nishio
GSA Navigator, Shigeyuki Nishio ran the yearly Tennis Fellows 240 Spring Event on 2 May at the Mitaka MTS Tennis Arena. The event includes a tennis clinic and exhibition match with many former pros, such as Toshiro Sakai, Tetsu Muramitsu, Shinichi Sakamoto (GSA Navigator), Etsuko Inoe, Emiko Okagawa, Kyoko Nagatsuka and Yuka Yoshida (GSA Navigator). There was also a mini-live performance from Yukata Misawa. Shigeyuki Nishio website

*Otohiko Kiyono

Otohiko Kiyono Otohiko Kiyono Otohiko Kiyono
Otohiko Kiyono Otohiko Kiyono
Otohiko Kiyono
GSA Navigator, Otohiko Kiyono gathered Primary school students together for a Sports Fair. The kids went around and formed teams to take part in various sports and win candy.
The Ecoflag iron-on patch was on all staff T-shirts and the children were taught about the importance of protecting the environment as they enjoyed playing sport in the fresh air.
There are plans to repeat the event with other schools.

*Susumu Teramoto (Sepak Takraw National Team)


The Ecoflag flew at the Junior Olympic Cup that took place at the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center on 17-18 February 2007.

Not satisfied with being in Japan's top ranks of Sepak Takraw, he's competing in the Thai pro leagues. With the Ecoflag Movement always close to heart, Susumu presents opposing teams with flower seeds as he actively seeks to raise awareness.

*Takuji Araki (Pro ocean athlete)

Takuji Araki (Pro ocean athlete)
Takuji Araki (Pro ocean athlete)
Takuji Araki (Pro ocean athlete)

GSA Navigator, Takuji Araki

Takuji flies the Ecoflag every year in the Molokai Race in Hawaii, and he is the only athlete to take part in 4 different competitions; paddling, surf ski, OC6 and OC1.

In September this year he will take part in the Sabani Expedition 2006, a sailing adventure from Aichi prefecture to Tokyo in a traditional Okinawan fishing vessel.



As a GSA Navigator, pro windsurfer Motoko carries the Ecoflag and spreads the word at all her events.

*Nobuteru Maeda

Nobuteru Maeda

Nobuteru Maeda of the popular Japan group, TUBE is the latest celebrity to become a GSA Navigator and sent us a specially signed Ecoflag.

*Jessica Miley Dyer and Kira Llewellin – 2004 World Surfing Games, Ecuador

Jessica Miley Dyer and Kira Llewellin

GSA partner ‘Local Beach Global Garbage’ was at the 2004 ISA World Surfing Games (WSG) in Salinas, Ecuador (21-29 March). The organization has also been flying the Ecoflag, connecting beach sport enthusiasts in South America with the ‘Ecoflag Movement’. Flying the Ecoflag here is Jessica Miley Dyer (2002 ISA Junior Surf World Champion) and Kira Llewellin (2004 Bodyboard World Champion)

*Akane Fujisaki


Akane Fujisaki is a radio announcer who will become a GSA Navigator from this March.
The photo shows Ms. Fujisaki flying the Ecoflag at the 'Hakone Ekiden', one of Japan's most popular road races and traditionally watched nationwide during New Years.

Akene's site: only)

*Takuji Araki & Ryu Nakamura

Takuji Araki's Photo

We got a couple of shots of Takuji Araki and Ryu Nakamura with the Ecoflag. Takuji Araki is a lifeguard and ocean athlete, and Ryu Nakamura is professional surfer. Both athletes that contributed to ‘Vita Messages’- an awareness raising book for anyone that loves sport and cares about the environment, published last year.

For more on Vital Messages see the official GSA website

*Ms.Marcia Hill (International Volleyball Federation Communications Officer)

Ms. Marcia Hill, the Communication Officer of Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) came to GSA's head office in Tokyo with the new ecoflag T-shirt, carrying the slogan 'Keep the beach clean - Think environment!'.

*Beach winds / Koichi Nishimura & Kentaro Asahi

17-18 May Beach Sports in Odaiba 2003Popular beach volleyball players Koichi Nishimura and Kentaro Asahi took part in this yearly event to promote the sport and raise environmental awareness. They flew the Ecoflag and led participants in the beach clean up.

*Morgan Foster - Beach Flag World Champion

Morgan Foster with Ecoflag
*Morgan Foster, the Beach Flag World Champion was at International Volleyball 2003 in Odaiba, Tokyo on 1-3 August. He gave a demonstration of the sport as part of a promotional effort, and was interested to learn about the Ecoflag.
See his official website at

*Takeshi Okada (8/23)

Takeshi Okada is the former Japan National Football Team coach and he came to GSA's office this week to lend his support.

*Jubilo Iwata(5/3)

Jubilo Iwata is one of the strongest teams in the J-League. Check out the ecoflag on their web site at

*Ramos and the Japan national squad at the Beach Soccer World Championships in Brazil

*The Japan national team took part in the 9th Beach Volleyball World Championships on the Copacabana beach in Rio. The team played matches against Uruguay, Portugal and France and although they failed to make the final rounds, gained valuable experience against the world's best.

*Isao Watanabe and Taeko Irako at the Seijo Tennis Club (4/25)

GSA Director Isao Watanabe and Taeko Irako
Ecoflag in Seijo Tennis Club
GSA Director Isao Watanabe and Taeko Irako were at the Seijo Tennis Club collecting old tennis balls for GSA’s recycle program. Old tennis balls are fixed to the bottom of tables and chairs, helping children with hearing difficulties by reducing extraneous classroom noise.

*Seiichi Kanise, GSA Director


*GSA Navigator, Toru Kikuchi (2/24)

GSA Navigator, Toru Kikuchi
* Using Natural Energy
GSA Executive Director Tatsuo Okada was sailing with Toru Kikuchi near Hayama. The boat runs on a Biodiesel, a natural, sustainable energy, and was flying the Ecoflag as proof of their commitment to the environment.

*GSA Navigator Hideki Noda

Hideki Noda is seen here supporting GSA at the annual GSA party.

*Mana Endo, GSA Navigator

Sunburn is a serious problem with people that enjoy playing tennis. Sunscreen is an essential and as I play as often as I can, I get through a tube before you know it.

*Naoko Sato (7/18)

Recycling unwanted tennis rackets

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