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How to join

Ecoflag Project Participation Guidelines.
  1. Flown at sporting events, the Ecoflag is an effective tool for promoting environmental awareness among athletes and spectators, and introducing environmental actions that can be extended into our everyday lives.
  2. Many events flying the Ecoflag reinforce the message with a slogan or catchphrase, which is displayed and repeated throughout the event. For example, on the FIVB-SWATCH Beach Volleyball World Tour, events are run under the slogan gKeep the beach clean-think environmenth.
  3. Environmental messages can be repeated at the event through the PA system, and environmental information included in official programs or leaflets.
  4. Include simple actions to reduce the environmental impact of the event. Depending on the size and type of event, actions could include reducing/separating garbage, encouraging the use of public transport or carpooling, reusing food and beverage containers, introducing energy/water saving measures, and promoting the greduction, reuse and recyclingh of sports equipment.


Put an Ecoflag website link on your website and show your commitment to increasing environmental awareness and action through sports. English Page)

How to Join in the Ecoflag Project.
  1. Send an e-mail to and we'll send you an Ecoflag.
  2. Fly the Ecoflag at sporting events while promoting environmental awareness and action.
  3. Send a photo and report to the Ecoflag website and we'll share your actions with a global network of environmentally aware sports enthusiasts.
  4. Want to get more involved and work towards increasing environmental awareness and action at many different events? Register as a GSA Team and approach local event organizers to make the environment a theme of their events in an effort to draw together a local community of environmentally aware sports enthusiasts.
  5. Use the G-ForSE database to learn about environmental action in sports and use GSA's information handouts to increase awareness among organizers, athletes and spectators.
  6. Take action to encourage zero garbage/ garbage separation, sports equipment reuse, energy saving, shared/public transportation, and other measures listed on the Ecoflag Card.

G-ForSE CARD/Action on Sports and Environment

Ecoflag card

For example

  • Plant greenery
  • Use public transport or carpool whenever possible
  • Reuse food and beverage utensils-don't use paper or plastic cups
  • Use heaters and air conditioners moderately
  • gReduce, reuse and recycleh sports equipment- see
  • Choose goods made from natural materials
  • Use ereusable bagsf when shopping