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Eco-Movement @ Bendemeer Primary School

Bendemeer Primary School shows the support of the Eco-movement through the flying of the Eco Flag and reciting of the Eco Pledge at our sporting activities. During our National School Games Opening Ceremony in February this year, our Junior Education Ambassadors (JEAs) marched in with the Eco Flag and led all the sports athletes in the school to recite the Eco Pledge to pledge their commitment as sports athletes to protect the earth’s environment.   At our Annual Games Day for all Primary 3 to 6 students held in July this year, our student leaders, together with our School Leaders, teacher and student representatives marched in with the Eco Flag together with the Olympic Flag and House flags during the march-in ceremony before the start of the sporting event. The aim of the Annual Games Day is to promote the Olympic values of friendship through the four different houses Rhino, Manta, Eagles and Cheetah; excellence through doing their best in the different games and also respect for the rules of the games and their opponents. The value of forging peace through sports is also spread through the Eco Pledge where we teach commitment to sustainable environment and ensure that the students keep their play areas clean for the competitors and supporters. The student leaders also led the whole school to recite the Eco Pledge to promote environmental awareness through sports and the Eco Flag was flown throughout the whole Annual Games Day event as a constant reminder of our commitment.