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What is ecoflag?

What is the Ecoflag?

The Ecoflag is a symbol of the commitment of sports enthusiasts worldwide to the environment. Sports enthusiasts know the importance of the natural ecosystem and its basic products, such as clean air, clean water, and nutritious food, to their health and performance. Many sport organizations, events and athletes are already working in different countries around the world to increase environmental awareness and action in order to protect themselves and their future generations. The Ecoflag has become the symbol of these actions and serves to unite the individual efforts of these different groups into a global initiative.

Run by NPO Global Sports Alliance (GSA), the Ecoflag is one of the projects that make up the "Ecoflag Movement" -a global drive by sports enthusiasts to secure a healthy ecosystem for all our future generations. The Ecoflag Movement is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

An Outline of the Ecoflag Project
The Ecoflag is flown at sporting events-from school sports days to world championships, and is used in combination with environmental actions and messages to increase awareness among athletes and spectators alike.
The Ecoflag website brings together the individual actions of sports enthusiasts and clubs around the world under one banner to publicize and promote their actions. GSAs goal is to unite over one billion sports enthusiasts worldwide and to make sport a leading area for environmental action.

Why Fly the Ecoflag?

Flown at sporting events, the Ecoflag sends a message to sports enthusiasts and spectators alike about the importance of protecting our natural environment. While enjoying sports we are reminded of the importance of clean air and water, and the effect that it has on our health and performance. In order for our future generations to be able to enjoy sports, GSA supports;

  1. Teaching about the importance of all species and the essential interaction between the diversity of species in the global environment.
  2. Developing an economy that doesnt just mass-produce and waste, but utilizes human creativity and skill towards a high value, low impact society.
  3. Creating and developing using sustainable energy and resources.

GSAs Philosophy for Promoting the Ecoflag

Sport is the medium through which we can teach about the importance of protecting our natural environment. Without border or divides, sport is enjoyed worldwide- on all levels and across all ages. GSA is working towards the development of a high value-low impact society by increasing awareness among over one billion sports enthusiasts worldwide- an awareness that will impact on their working and everyday lives. The Ecoflag is the symbol of this global movement.

The Ecoflag crosses all borders and areas of sport!

World Championships National leagues School sports days
International matches Amateur/ semi pro Local club events


16cm x 24cm
45cm x 67cm
98cm x 150cm
Stadium size
180cm x 270cm

Ecoflag Goods

Ecoflag stickers

(12.5cm x 10cm)
Sticks to surfboards, snowboards or any sports bags and equipment with a flat surface.
" Get on board-think environment!"

Ecoflag tattoo seal

Great for beach sports. Apply water and stick to the skin. Easily removed afterwards.
" Keep the beach clean-think environment!"

Ecoflag iron-on patch

(6.5cm x 4.5cm)
Iron-on to T-shirts or other clothing
" Wear your heart on your sleeve-think environment!"